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Instructions for Downloading Soapsheet
Recipe Template

Generously contributed by Chris Mathes 


You have the choice of downloading one of two files:

1) soapsheet.xlt

This is the template file itself, and is the one you would normally download.

2) soapsheet.exe

This is a self-extracting zip archive containing the template file. If you are having trouble downloading soapsheet.xlt without it becoming corrupted, try downloading this one instead. That way you know that if it unzips without errors you have an exact copy of the template. To use it, either download it to your hard drive and then run it, or tell your web browser to execute it from its current location. If you are a Mac user, then this file will not self-extract for you, but should still be readable as an archive by whatever unzip utility you use.


Download Problems...

I successfully download soapsheet, but when I try to open it in my spreadsheet program I get a message that the file's format is invalid/corrupted/unrecognized.

There are several possible reasons for this:

When I click the link to download soapsheet.xlt, my browser goes to a new page with gibberish on it, and I don't get prompted about downloading the file.

This is a problem I have heard a lot from people who use Netscape. What's going on is that your browser thinks it knows how to display a .xlt file directly, so instead of prompting you about downloading it, it just opens it up. Well, in reality your browser doesn't know how to display .xlt files, so you get gibberish. The work-around for this is to right click on the link, and choose `Save Link As' [Netscape] or `Save Target As' [Internet Explorer] from the pop-up menu.


Date: 11/04 1:07 PM
From: Scott Rothstein

Hi. Just wanted to mention that there shouldn't be a problem downloading the Excel file for the Mac. Just control-click on the link, and there will be a popup window with the option to "Download link to disk." This should transfer the file without any problem. It will likely not have the type/creator codes associated with it, so the file will need to be dropped onto the Excel application icon.

I have a Mac running OS 9, and it worked seamlessly for me.

Contextual menus were introduced with OS 8. With MS Internet Explorer, clicking and holding the button down should also pop up the menu, and, I think, will work on pre-8 systems (i.e., not needing the control key). This trick will work anytime a file doesn't download properly--that is, when you get the screenful of gibberish.

Here's another that it's taken me forever to get posted (submitted January of 2003)... with the new OSX this might have changed! I should try these out and see which works on my system.

Greetings Kathy,

Just one comment: With regard to downloading your soap making template when using a Mac; It is NOT a Control Click, but
OPTION KEY (on some keyboards eg the French Keyboard it would be the ALT. Key) -click.

Bye, Jim,

When I click the link to download soapsheet.xlt, a spreadsheet appears in my Internet Explorer window, and I don't get prompted about downloading the file.

Somehow your Internet Explorer options got set to open .xlt files from their existing location without prompting first. You can either choose File->Save As from Internet Explorer's menu while you have the template open, or you can back up a step, right click on the link, and choose `Save Target As' from the pop-up menu.

If none of these solves your problem and you just can't figure out what to do, email me at and I will be happy to send you a copy of the template.

Happy Soaping,

Chris Mathes

This page last updated on 15 November 2003.