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Kathy's Gardening Links:


Adventures in Gardening with the Garden Guy
Amazon Books / Gardening & Horticulture
Browsing4Gardens - Looks like a great garden resource with features including: Gardeners' Diary, Gardening Events and Shows, Gardeners' Forum, UK Gardening Links and International Gardening Links.
Cyndi's List of Gardening Catalogs
Delphi Gardening Forum
Exploring Gardens - Knowledge Explorer Centre
Flower Finder
Garden Gate
Gardening, B.C.
Gardening - Welcome from The Mining Co.
GardenNet the premier gateway to gardening on the Internet!
GardenWeb Home Page
Garden Web Ring
GetSet! to Garden
GrowZone: Resources
Home & Garden Television
HomeArts: Bloom!
Internet Garden
Kiddie Gardens - is about creating fun and inviting gardens for children and gardening with kids, including easy step-by-step guides on growing vegetables, kids garden crafts, learning activities and much more.Mallorn Archived Horticultural Mailing Lists
Modular Homeowners Resource Guide to Lawn and Gardens - A nice set of garden links suggested by a young gardener. :-)
National Gardening Association
PLANTS National Database
Sympatico: Canadian Gardening: Table of Contents
Teleport: Garden Center
VIRTUAL GARDEN: Find a source
WSU Cooperative Extension


Ambrose Gardens
Angelgrove Tree Seed Company - Seeds for flowering trees and wild roses.
ANI Direct Seeds - Wide variety of exotic seeds including, palms, bonsai, cacti, unusual trees, herbs, acacia, rose, sunflowers, vines, chile peppers, chinese herbs and fruit trees [located in UK].
Benner's Gardens - A commercial site that sells deer fencing and products to help you battle deer problems.
Bloedel Reserve
Blossom Farm Perennials & Herbs - Over 300 American made winter hardy varieties!
Bluestone Perennials
Brooklyn Botanic Garden
Bruning Pottery in Seattle, WA
buds (fine perennials & bulbs)
Croftway Nursery - welcome
Daniel's Plant Food
David Austin Roses - I actually got to visit this place (England) in the fall of 2009! Beautiful!
Deerminders - Deer repellant. :-)
Dowdeswell's Delphiniums
Ed Hume Seeds Garden Site
Edmunds' Roses
February Paper
Flowerframers - Supplies for the windowbox gardener. Located in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Foliage Gardens
Garden.com home page
3D Garden Composer Software - Check out the demo section!
Gardener's Net - A comprehensive Internet gardening community with content information and resources.
Garden Escape
Garden of Weeden
Gardens & Graphics
Golden Herb: Earth friendly gardening products
Heritage (Valleybrook) Perennials
Jackson and Perkins
Niche Gardens
Pacific Callas - Wholesale supplier of premium quality calla lily bulbs,
direct from the world's best calla lily growers on the West Coast of the United States. Located in California.
Profits from Your Herb & Flower Gardens!
Rittenhouse - Canadian based company featuring garden tools and an online magazine, Hort-Pro.
Roses by Jack E. Christensen
San Marcos Growers Nursery Index
Schreiner's Iris Gardens - Salem, Oregon
Terra Nova Nurseries - contents
Terra Nova Nurseries NEW PLANTS GALLERY
Territorial Seed Company
The Dillon Garden - Ranelagh, Dublin, Ireland
Welcome to the Oregon Association of Nurserymen
OAN Company Information
Whitney Farms
Willow Pond Nursery - Great perennial selection and information!


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Daylilies[Daylily Center]

American Hemerocallis Society Home Page
Creative Gardener - Not totally about daylilies but has a section with gorgeous daylily photos.
Daylily Discounters
Daylilies Growing Along The Information Highway Home Page
Daylilies Growing At Other WWW Sites Page
Daylily Forum (Garden Web)
Eureka Gardening Collection: Books, Flowers, Daylily Growers, Daylilies
Friends of the Daylilies Home Page
Happy Moose Daylily Garden
Marietta Gardens (Daylilies)
Oakes Daylilies: A top grower of award winning daylilies
Pat's Daylily Patch
The Daylily Place: Daylily Database
Tom's Daylilies
We're in the Hayfield Now Daylily Gardens
Verna Smith's Daylilies

Garden Magazines

American Horticultural Society
Better Homes and Gardens
Country Living: Gardening
Fine Gardening Magazine
Garden Living, Premier Garden Show and Magazine
Horticulture Online
Joe & Mindy's WebZine Links!!
Plants Home Page
Plants: Weekly Plant Posting
Southern Living Online: Gardens, Plants and Design
Welcome to Sunset Magazine
Wild Garden Home Page



A & C'S Gardening at Home
A Cottage Garden
A Southern Garden
A Tour of Cheryl Netter's Garden
A Virtual Tour of the Garden
Carpenter Perennial Gardens
Creative Gardener
Daphne Stannard's Charming Garden
Exbury Gardens - world famous for its rhododendrons, camellias and azaleas.
Gardening With Style -The place for frugal gardeners! Free projects, tips, seed swaps and more... Chris McClusky's creative new garden page...
Moosey's Country Garden - A beautiful and fun garden page that started as a Mother's Day gift from a talented son to his mother. You will delight in this site!
Scotsman's English Garden
The Cyber-Plantsman
The Garden Spot...Step into my Garden
The Netter Page
The New York Botanical Garden
The Pink Pages
URBAN Garden

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Gardening With Style -The place for frugal gardeners! Free projects, tips, seed swaps and more... Chris McClusky's creative new garden page. If you are interested in saving money and using recycled materials to adorn your garden... this page is for YOU!

My friend, Catriona, has finally put her garden on the web! If you'd like to see what she and her husband have done to their charming place this past season, please pay her a visit. After you finish the tour, go back to her home page to view one of her art pieces and read about their family. She has lots of great ideas for their new page so I'm sure we will soon see many additions!

The Whimsical Garden


Special Interest

Alpine Garden and Rock Garden Resource
American Primrose Society (Primulas)
Bird Watching Forum (Garden Web)
The Bonsai Site
Butterfly WebSite.
Chinese Tree Peony Website
Colourful Borders
Cornell Floriculture & Ornamental Horticulture Homepage
Creative Gardener - An inspiration for the gardener who wants to design with color and texture in mind.
Deerbusters - Is an extensive wildlife control solutions and gardening specialty page.
Drought Tolerant Plants (Some for Zone 9)
Elisabeth C. Miller Library
GardenWeb Forums
Garden Web Book Review Forum
Garden Web Northwestern Gardening Forum
Garden Web Forum: Perennials
Ground Covers and Cover Crops (A guide from About.com) -
Houpt Hosta Habit
Hobbs Farm and Greenery - Geraniums and plants.
How to Care For House Plants - Over 3,400 listings each displaying a page of care information, with photos.
Jack Christensen's Practical Rose-Growing Tips
JC Raulston Arboretum Home Page
Joy's Designing Your Dream Garden
Massachusetts Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society
Master Gardener Home Page
Merry Gardens - Carries a wide selection of plants like ivy hedera helix, banana trees, tropicals, perennials,herbs, ferns and many more.They also have informational pages on how to grow ivy hedera and banana trees.
Murphy & Co.: Fish in a Barrel
Perennial Plant Association Home Page
Perennials Tutorial #101- Getting Started (buds)
Perennial Web
Perry's Perennial Pages
Pete's Pond Page
Rhododendrons In Our Pacific Northwest Mist
Rhododendron Species Foundation: Rhododendron Culture
Rochester Gardening Website - Information for the
Northeastern USA gardener, plus access to plant & garden information worldwide through lists of more than 2,000 categorized web links. Special interest area regarding bulbs
Rose Garden PlantingTips
Seed Germination Database
Sherry's Greenhouse
Tapestry Garden Perennials -
The Rhododendron Page
Unfortunate Rose Names-If you grow roses, this is a hoot!
UW Medicinal Herb Garden Home Page
Virtual Cheektowaga!-Lawn Ornament Gallery :)
Water Gardening Made Easy
Welcome to The Bay Area Gardener
Yvonne's Greenhouse - Need inspiration? Check this out!
We have eight garden related websites... all our sites are non-commercial... Elizabeth
Our sites:
Container Gardens: http://www.container-gardens.com
Description: Container gardening resource site. Find out about
container selection, proper soil, and designing your container garden.
Fragrant Gardens: http://www.fragrant-gardens.com
Description: In-depth information on plants with a nice fragrance.
Fragrant Gardens will help you, after all, fragrant gardens are more
than just roses!
Garden Ideas: http://www.garden-ideas.com
Description: Overview of eight common garden projects. Garden ideas
helps you break through the creative logjam and gives you some great
garden design ideas.
Garden Soil: http://www.garden-soil.com
Description: The one thing all successful gardens have in common is
good soil. Learn about the components of garden soil and how you can
improve yours. Covers mulch as well.
Gardening With Kids: http://www.gardening-with-kids.com
Description: Help children develop a lifetime passion for gardening by
starting them young. Children‚s gardening is a great way to help them
learn life's lessons.
Common Garden Pests: http://www.common-garden-pests.com
Description: Help identify, control, and eliminate the most common of
the garden pests. Don‚t let these uninvited garden pests harm your
Garden Equipment: http://www.garden-equipment.com
Description: Detailed information on common lawn and garden equipment.
Make informed decisions on which tools to use and when.
House Plants: http://www.house-plants.info
Description: Resource of information concerning common house plants.
Includes information on lighting, soil, and a list of the easiest house
plants to grow.

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Dig the Net - Web Links & Reviews
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Gardening Links: Survival of the Fittest Garden
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Joe & Mindy's Free For All Link Page
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Resources for the Maritime Gardener
Sites to See: Web sites linked from Fine Gardening, ornamentals and landscape design magazine.
Teri's Garden Links
Teri's Garden Resources: Links, Tips, and Garden Book Reviews
The Pink Pages: Gardenlinks
The Pink Pages: Friendslinks

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