A Few Fall Stragglers


Oakleaf Hydrangea in the Fall of '98

You know how it is toward the end of the season...takes longer to finish off a roll of film. When the Thanksgiving photos came back, these were on that roll, so I'm putting them here. The above shot is of the Oakleaf Hydrangea/Hydrangea quercifolia that is in the Alley Bed. It takes on beautiful tints late in the season. The smaller yellowish green leaves nearby belong to the Lonicera nitida 'Baggesen's Gold.' The other foliage is of the Clematis. I think that probably all the yard photos on this page were taken the same day, except for maybe the rose.

[Thanksgiving Preparations]


I couldn't resist putting in one picture from Thanksgiving Day. We had it at my sister's and this backdrop is her pretty kitchen. My kitchen does NOT make a pretty backdrop! :-) The pies are pecan. By the way...hardly anyone touched those beautiful vegetables that were put into relish trays...there was just too much food to choose from! Robert took this photo while I was helping get dinner ready.



[Back Yard view of Olympics Nov '98]

An old familiar view...the bits of color you see in this picture are pretty much gone (flowers) as of the first week of December. The weather has gotten cold of late and we actually had some snow this morning! (Dec. 5th) I ran out and took a few pictures before it all melted and if any of them turn out, I'll probably be putting them up later.


[Last Rose-'Midado']

I'm trying to remember the name of this rose...it's probably 'Midado.' It's a bit beat up, but I always cherish any rose that is blooming at this time of the year! You can usually find at least one somewhere around Christmas day if it hasn't been too cold.



[North Bed with leaf fall from Maples]

With the sunlight on all those bright leaves, I just couldn't take enough pictures of this spot! Something else this photo illustrates quite effectively is what happens to plants when their neighbors crowd them and they don't get even lighting. Just look at the dwarf maple and rhododendron at the corner of the house! I hope they fill out a bit more before Rh. 'Hurricane' catches its breath and shoots back up. The little maple reminds me of trees in an old Disney cartoon (think it was Disney...it was black and white and probably of Halloween fare).


[Front Path in November of '98]

This is the same area, looking toward the front entry. After severe pruning next spring, I hope to see the path once again.


A closer view of the beautiful Dwarf Laceleaf (Acer palmatum) Maple, skirted by the yellow leaves of its taller cousin.



[Dwarf Laceleaf Maple]


[Kitty's Hide-a-Way]


This is the same bush from a cat's point of view. Don't you just want to crawl under here and hide out?




[Olympic Mountains with Birch tree]

This is probably very similar to a shot I put on the October or Leaves page, but it is still pretty. It was taken in the front yard looking toward the Olympic Mountains and Hood Canal. The Birches come into their own during the winter and are quite stunning, aren't they? Almost makes me forgive what a mess they make.

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