[Back Yard in November]

A Change of Seasons...



The Garden Through the Seasons

This page may change in the future, but I wanted to put up some photos of parts of the garden taken at different times through the year. There are gaps on some areas and too many pictures of others, but I think you'll enjoy the contrasts and the idea that there can be something happening in your garden no matter what time of year...different color schemes, plant types, seasonal color, structure provided by permanent shrubs or garden accessories, etc. There are certainly more sterling examples out there than what you'll see in my yard, but I submit what I have. You'll even note, that sometimes the garden looks pretty awful! :-)

-Kathy Miller

The Driveway:

[Flowering Cherries in April]

The glory of April!


[Driveway in July]


[Puff on Fence near cherries in Autumn]


[Driveway in Winter]

Winter (February '99)

Early Spring (March '99)


The Orchard:

[Orchard in May]

This is probably May.


[Orchard in Winter]

Brrr! Wintertime (Feb.'99)

Early Spring (March '99)


The Entry:

[Entry in September]


Early September

Entry in Autumn, around October]

Fall - Late October

The Alley Bed:

[Alley Bed in February-March]

Late Winter/Early Spring


[Alley Bed in Late March to Early April]

Early Spring - Late March to Early April

[Alley Bed in Early May]

Late April - Early May

[Witch Hazel in Alley Bed - October]

Alley Witch Hazel - October


[Alley Bed in Winter]

Winter (Feb.'99)


Rose Frontal:

[Reworking Rose Frontal - March]

Early Spring - Reworking Bed

[Rose Frontal - June]

Early Summer a few years ago...


[Dahlias in Rose Frontal - Summer]

High Summer '99


Deck Bed:


[Deck Bed in March]

Deck Bed Early Spring

[Front Yard in Late April-May]

Front taken from Deck Bed - Late April to May


[Front Yard in September-DRY lawn!]

Front in September...blah!


[Deck Bed in Winter]

Deck Bed from deck - Winter


Front of House - Northeast Corner:

[Northeast Corner of House in May]

Sure love this picture! This was taken a couple years ago in May.


[Northeast Corner of House-Oct.1999]

October '99...notice gaps where rhodies were cut back.

Back Perennial Bed/Arbor:

[Rework on Back Path]



[Back Path - September]


[Back Bed in May-June]

Late May

[Back Bed - Early Fall]

Late September-Early October


[Back Bed and Arbor in January]


[Back Bed in Winter]



Ash Bed:

[Ash Bed with Tulips in March or April]

Early April

[Ash Bed Perennials in Summer]

Late June-Early July

Oak Bed:

[Oak Bed with Witch Hazel in Winter]

Winter - February


[Oak Bed in June]

Around June...before daylilies


[Oak Bed in July]



[Oak Bed in August - Dusk]

Late July - Early August

[Oak Bed in late August]

Late August


[Oak Bed in October 1999]



[Oak Bed in Winter]


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