Desktop Images From An Olympic View Garden: Fall and Winter


All of the following desktop images are at 768 X 1024 Resolution. -Kathy Miller


Fall and Winter Images from the Garden:

[Fallen Leaves]

Fallen Leaves

[Autumn Color of Japanese Maple]

Japanese Maple in Autumn

[Foetid Iris Seeds]
Foetid Iris Seeds
[Witch Hazel]

Witch Hazel



[Sunset End of August]

Sunset over the Olympic Mountains

[Sunset behind the Olympics]

Sunset from our deck in September

 [Dahlia Arrangement]

Fall Arrangement,Roses, Dahlia & Aster

[Sunsprite Arrangement Close-Up] 

'Rosa 'Sunsprite' Close-Up

['Betty Prior' Rose' 

'Rosa 'Betty Prior' Close-Up

[Hosta Leaves in Autumn] 

Hosta Leaves in Autumn

[Highbush Cranberry] 

Highbush Cranberry (Viburnum)


Autumn Blooming Nerine

[Tricyrtis hirta] 

Tricyrtis hirta - Toad Lily

[Japanese Maple in Autumn 2003] 

Japanese Maple

 [Dogwood in the Rain Closeup]

Dogwood in the Rain Closeup

[Dogwood with Autumn Color] 

Dogwood in Fall Color

[Sunset from Plane over Eastern Washington] 

March sunset from a plane, probably
over Eastern WA... taken by Kristine.


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