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Desktop Images From An Olympic View Garden: Floral Arrangements and Dry Brush Effects


All of the following desktop images are at 768 X 1024 Resolution. -Kathy Miller


DryBrush Effects from Photoshop:

[Cream Colored California Poppies]

'Milky Way' California Poppies

[Blue Bearded Iris Close-Up]

Blue Bearded Iris

[Oriental Poppy Arrangement]
Oriental Poppies 'Helen Elizabeth'
[Aquarius Rose Arrangement]

'Aquarius' Rose Arrangement

[Close-Up of Aquarius Rose Arrangement]

'Aquarius' Rose Arrangement, Close

[Japanese Maple]

Japanese Maple

[Japanese Maple with Drybrush Filter]

Japanese Maple with colored seeds

[Japanese Maple in color with Drybrush]

Japanese Maple with more exposure

[Nerine Drybrush]

Autumn Blooming Nerine

Dogwood in fall color

[Closeup of Alfred Grille Drybrush Effect]

Alfred Grille Dahlia in Autumn





Flower Arrangements:

[Mark's Iris and Korean Lilacs]

Iris Arrangement (for Mark)

[Susan's Aquarius Rose Arrangement]

'Aquarius' Rose Arrangement

[Susan's Aquarius Rose Arrangement Close]
'Aquarius' Rose
Arrangement, Close
[Oriental Poppies 'Helen Elizabeth']

Oriental Poppies 'Helen Elizabeth'

[Jenny's Gift Rose]

Jennie's Gift Rose :-)

[Crocosmia 'Lucifer']

Crocosmia 'Lucifer'

[Arrangement with Rose Cl. Handel, lavender, Baby's breath and Buddleia]

Rosa 'Cl Handel,' with Buddleia,
Baby's Breath and Lavender

[Daisy Arrangement] 

Daisy Arrangement

 [Dahlia Arrangement]

Dahlia Arrangement

[Oriental Lily Arrangement]  

Red Oriental Lily with Buddleia
'Petite Indigo' etc.

[Phlox 'Miss Lingard' and friends]  

Phlox 'Miss Lingard' and companions

[Alicia's Birthday Roses]

Alicia's Birthday Roses

 [Dahlia Arrangement]

Fall Arrangement,Roses, Dahlia & Aster

[Sunsprite Arrangement Close-Up] 

'Rosa 'Sunsprite' Close-Up

['Betty Prior' Rose' 

'Rosa 'Betty Prior' Close-Up

[More Roses for Alicia]

Alicia's White Roses

[Autumn Arrangement] 

Last Hurrah before hard frost

[Autumn Arrangement Closeup] 

Closeup... love Alfred Grille!

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Last updated November 4, 2003

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