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Desktop Images From An Olympic View Garden: Late Winter to Late Spring


All of the following desktop images are at 768 X 1024 Resolution. -Kathy Miller


Late Winter to Late Spring Images from the Garden:

 [Crocuses with Heather]

Crocus with Heather

 [Volunteer Spring Violet]

Volunteer Violet in Spring

 [Daphne odora]
Daphne odora
[Magnolia Sky] 

Magnolia Sky!

[Pink! - Erysimum and Rhody 'Hallelujah'] 

Pink! Erysimum 'Bowle's Mauve'
and Rhododendron 'Hallelujah'

[Species Iris] 

Species Iris

 ['Akebono' Cherries along drive]

Flowering Cherries 'Akebono' Along Drive

[Flowering Cherry Boughs] 

Cherry Boughs

[Early Spring Tulips] 

Early Spring Tulips



[Red Tulips] 

Two (Red) Lips!

[Euphorbia and Bronze Fennel] 

Euphorbia with Bronze Fennel

[Anemone nemerosa 'Vestal'] 

Anemone nemerosa 'Vestal'

[Grow Something! ... like Violas] 

Grow Something! (Violas)

[Lilac Florets] 

Lilac Florets

 [Rhododendron 'Pt. Defiance']

Rhododendron 'Pt. Defiance'

[Rhododendron 'Pt. Defiance' later] 

Rhododendron 'Pt. Defiance' 2

[Rhododendron 'Hurricane'] 

Rhododendron 'Hurricane'

[Rhododendron 'Hurricane' Single] 

Rhododendron 'Hurricane' Single

['Milky Way' California Poppies] 

'Milky Way' California Poppies

[Ixia blooms with flash] 

Ixia with Flash

[Clematis montana 'rubens'] 

Clematis montana 'rubens'

[Ixia blooms in natural light] 

Ixia in Natural Light

[Iris 'Camelot Rose'] 

Iris 'Camelot Rose'

 [Rosa rugosa]

Rosa rugosa

[Blue bearded iris with yucca leaves] 

Blue Bearded Iris with Yucca Foliage

[Blue iris close-up] 

Blue Bearded Iris Close-up

[Iris 'Darkside'] 

Iris 'Darkside'

[Iris sibirica 'Bennerup'] 

Iris sibirica 'Bennerup'

[Iris 'Into the Night' 

Iris 'Into the Night'

[Erythronium revolutum] 

Erythronium revolutum

[Erythronium revolutum and oregonum] 

Erythronium revolutum & oregonum

[Narcissus canaliculatus] 

Narcissus canaliculatus


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Last updated April 6, 2004

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