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Standard retail prices are $3.95 for a 3.7 - 4 ounce bar (most bars are around 4 oz. at time of cure but lose moisture and weight the longer they are in storage). MINIMUM ORDER IS 3 BARS. Since I've had to raise my prices due to rising costs, I no longer offer a price break. All orders will be calculated on a cost of $3.95 per bar ... Mix and Match... 3 bars would come to $11.85 (before shipping costs are added). I don't have a nice order form for you, but if you'd like to order soap, send me an email with your choices. Let me know your ZIP CODE so that I can calculate the shipping charges. (This is especially critical now that the post office has changed their Priority Mail rates and base them on zones.) On most orders I use Flat Rate shipping, which is a better value. Washington State residents will also need to pay WA State sales tax for the town in which they live.

I will confirm your order, calculate your charges, and send an invoice via email, and also provide my mailing address at that time.

Small to average orders will be sent via Priority Mail (or Flat Rate Priority for up to 8 bars). The rates are $5.00 for up to 1# in a Small Flat Rate box anywhere in the U.S. (3 bars), (but with price changes, costs less if shipped in the Flat Rate Envelope). (See Postal Rates page for mailing quotes) Most of the bars of soap are around 4 ounces so 3-8 bars can be mailed anywhere in the U.S. in a Flat Rate Priority envelope. FLAT RATE PRIORITY envelope is $4.75 postage cost for up to 8 bars! You will also be charged a small fee for packaging (10 per bar). There is now a really great option for orders larger than 8 bars, which is MEDIUM FLAT RATE BOX. The cost for that is $10.50 for all zones. I've not yet decided what the maximum capacity on those are, but I can easily fit 24 bars into a Medium Flat Rate Box, and depending on how many bubble bags are included, upwards of 36.

For orders too large to mail in a Flat Rate Box, I will look at other options to save shipping cost (such as UPS Ground). After I email you an invoice with the final charges, you can mail me a check or a money order for the amount due, or use PayPal online if you have an account with them (see below).When the check clears, or the money order arrives, I ship your soaps ASAP. I will accept Canadian Orders, and in those cases, will need an International Money Order for U.S. funds.

When your order is placed and confirmed, I pull the soaps and box them up at that time. This order waits until payment arrives. If I have not heard anything for two weeks, I will send one reminder email. If there is no response after 30 days, those soaps will be placed back out for sale and your order canceled, since it will be assumed you've changed your mind. It's always nice to be told if this is the case, but if there's no reply either way, I have to assume that the soap is no longer wanted. If extenuating circumstances have occurred, I'm very understanding... just let me know. I don't mind holding an order for a bit if there's a problem... but no news is assumed to be lost interest.

* Weights can vary due to hand cutting, but also water loss in storage. The bars are usually heavier when first cured than when they are received if I've had them here for awhile. This actually means the soap will last longer in the dish but their actual weight may no longer agree with what was printed on the label. Older bars will also look smaller than their younger counterparts that had barely reached cure date before being sold. When you begin to use the older, smaller bars, they will plump up when exposed to moisture.

-Kathy Miller

Silverdale, Washington


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Make with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

*** I now have a PayPal account for those who would rather use this convenient method for payment.*** Pay Pal would allow you to pay me immediately after receiving my email confirmation and I could have your soaps in the mail by the next day. This will come in quite handy during the holiday season and hasten delivery for folks who wish to use it. The old pay by mail method will still be used as well... for those who are not in a hurry for their soaps and don't have a PayPal PayPal account. When you go to PayPal to make your payment, you will use my email address of CLICK HERE.

PLEASE WAIT until I confirm your exact amount owed BEFORE you make your PayPal payment. At the time you pay, PayPal takes a small percentage for their fee... it will save a lot of bookkeeping grief and possible error if this is based on the correct balance due. I will usually respond the same day or the next.

Thank you! :-)


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This page last updated on 2 January 2011