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Postal Rates and Information

Get the Most Value from Your Shipping Costs!: Right now for all zones it's the cheapest to go with Flat Rate Priority if you are ordering from 4 to 8 soaps. The cost for Flat Rate Envelope as of January 2017 is $6.65.

In addition... for orders of 10 bars or more, a wonderful option is Regional Rate Flat Rate Box (cost varies by zone and will hold up to 20 bars) and another is Medium Flat Rate Box (better value if even more than 20... I can easily fit up to 32 and maybe a bit more). The Flat Rate Medium box costs $13.60 for all zones.

What I typically use for shipping is Priority Mail whenever possible because it is a great value. For larger orders Flat Rate Box Med. can be a great deal, since it costs $13.60, when I use Click 'n' Ship at USPS, for any zone in the U.S. Quite a few bars will fit into a Medium Flat Rate Box (upward of 32-36?). If it is preferable, orders can still be sent via Parcel Post when advantageous, or for really large ones I'll compare costs for UPS Ground.

Here are the most common TOTALS for soap shipped via PRIORITY MAIL, either in envelopes or boxes (including postage and packing) for common order sizes. (Washington State residents would also need to pay the sales tax for the town in which they live.) Postage cost for Flat Rate Priority envelope (4-8 bars) is $6.65 for ALL ZONES. With the rate changes over the past several years, there's no advantage in using the boxes for 3 bar orders and I'll probably go with the cheaper Flat Rate Envelope, unless you specify the box.


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This page last updated on 26 June 2017